Changing CDA version on P1i

The usual disclaimer: note that I’m not responsible for screwing up your phone, follow at your own risk, don’t do it if you feel unsure or unconfident about it…blah blah…oh and this MAY void your warranty. So do it at your own risk. I really hate to see bricked phones, so if you do have a question, leave a comment. Don’t do anything rash.

  1. First off check for the latest firmware here, and see which CDA contains the latest one.
  2. You’ll need a software called XS++. It’s free, and it’s probably the most useful app you’ve ever used. Kudos to the author.
  3. Start XS++.
  4. Turn off your P1i, take the battery out and reinsert. Press ‘C’ as you connect the USB cable and when your PC detects the phone, release the button.
  5. Tick the ‘Smartphone Connect’ option in XS++ and click Connect.
  6. Now time to do a backup in case something bad happens. Tick the GDFS option and then click on the Backup button.
  7. Your P1i should be disconnected after the process is completed. Reconnect by doing instruction 3.
  8. Now for the fun part. Tick the Flash option, and choose the CDA you wish to change to. I recommend World Generic 1 (WG1), as it’s the one SE rolls out with the latest updates and changes. The current one is now R9K009, which is offered on WG1, WG2, HKG, and numerous other regions.
  9. Click Run Script. Wait until the process is done – your phone should disconnect at this point.
  10. Now run Sony Ericsson’s Update Service. Just let everything work on it’s own – the updates should download and you should be left with a brand new, “World Generic 1 / or whatever region you changed to” P1i.

So there you go. There are other ways to change your CDA and your firmware, but this is by far the simplest method of doing so.


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