Nokia WLAN – find MAC address

I kind of love Nokia lately. And here is how you can find your MAC address, for configuring your phone on a MAC filtered wireless router/wlan access point:


isn’t it brilliant?


iPhone Lock for UIQ devices

screenshot for iPhoneLock
screenshot for iPhoneLock

There is a nice piece of software here! iPhone Lock, which reached version 0.5 has an impressive look and superb functionality. If you are tired of those dull looking home screens, it’s time for a change. Get your hands on this application, customize it with your own theme, pictures, icons.

You can also see in the screenshot my own customized set of statusbar icons (green status icons) which look pretty good, just like the Sony Ericsson logo!


Link to official iPhoneLock site

Changing CDA version on P1i

The usual disclaimer: note that I’m not responsible for screwing up your phone, follow at your own risk, don’t do it if you feel unsure or unconfident about it…blah blah…oh and this MAY void your warranty. So do it at your own risk. I really hate to see bricked phones, so if you do have a question, leave a comment. Don’t do anything rash.

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