Installing java from sun on the new Ubuntu 9.10

How do I install Sun Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) under Ubuntu Linux? It appears that there are multiple JRE installed by default under Ubuntu. How do I select and use Sun JRE only?

This is a tough question, yet here’s a simple answer, even for beginners.

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Fix Windows 7 desktop.ini opening on boot

Users who has installed Windows 7 Build 7057 are reporting a startup bug where Desktop.ini Opens in Notepad on Every Boot. Fortunately the fix for this Windows 7 desktop.ini startup bug is very easy. Check out below instructions on how to fix Windows 7 Build 7057 desktop.ini bug.


Method :1

1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

2. Delete desktop.ini

3. Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

4. Delete desktop.ini if present.

Thanks to chris123nt for providing this fix.

Method : 2

1. Under Folder Options -> View , select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and un-check “Hide protected operating system files” so that you can see the hidden desktop.ini files.

2. Open the start orb and at the search type: shell:startup and press Enter. The start menu startup folder will open, where you will find a desktop.ini file. Delete it.

3. Open the start orb and at the search type: shell:common startup and press Enter. The “all users” start menu startup folder will open, where you will find a desktop.ini file. Delete it too.

4. Done. Reboot and the desktop.ini will not appear again.

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Creating a New Window with JavaScript

Creating a New Window with JavaScript

JavaScript gives you the ability to control exactly what the new window looks like, its size, and even its position on the screen.

There are two ways to apply the JavaScript command. You can add a JavaScript function to the HTML of a regular hyperlink, or you can create a JavaScript function that is triggered by an event (such as a click) on an object (such as a piece of text or an image). The latter method is used by those wicked people who cause windows to pop-up all over the place when you leave their sites (grrr!). Let’s see how it’s done…

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Nodul la cravata

Nodul de cravata, un mister?

Sunt destule momente în care ni se cere să purtăm un costum şi o cravată, însă de multe ori nodul cravatei ne poate da bătăi de cap, pentru că aranjarea sa poate părea pentru unii o sarcină dificilă, mai ales dacă nu ai pe cineva care să îţi arate, pas cu pas, cum se face. E drept că pe net sunt multe filmuleţe care îţi arată pas cu pas cum să îţi aranjezi nodul la cravată. Părerea mea e că din tutorialele respective se învaţă mai greu decât din imagini sau desene, pentru că de cele mai multe ori imaginile video se pot succede prea repede pentru un începător. De aceea, pentru început, cel mai bine e să înveţi din imagini.

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iPhone Lock for UIQ devices

screenshot for iPhoneLock
screenshot for iPhoneLock

There is a nice piece of software here! iPhone Lock, which reached version 0.5 has an impressive look and superb functionality. If you are tired of those dull looking home screens, it’s time for a change. Get your hands on this application, customize it with your own theme, pictures, icons.

You can also see in the screenshot my own customized set of statusbar icons (green status icons) which look pretty good, just like the Sony Ericsson logo!


Link to official iPhoneLock site